Steamboat Rowena
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Letter From: Claude Crowley (Very Interesting & Informative)
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      I enjoyed your website! My family has ties to Rowena and the Indian Creek area in Kentucky.

      My Grandmother actually was allowed to take trip on the Rowena around 1922. She lived about a mile from the mouth of the river where it docked. According to my father she had a Sunday afternoon trip.

Thanks for the website, keep up the great work.

Sherry Johnson

Dear Rowena;
      My great-great-grandfather was part of the crew on the "Rowena." His name was William Sullivan. He was an engineer. One day, someone called the wrong message on the bell and he went back to the wheel to check on it. He slipped and got caught in the wheel and unfortunately was killed. He was 42 years old when this happened. When Lee came, my grandfather spilled out the whole story and I thought it might be of some use to you. We have many books, pictures, and articles about the "Rowena." We have been very informative to Lee.

Hope this helps your website. Thanks for helping me learn about my great-great-grandfather.


Hillary Marie Sullivan


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